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Our Patented Technology
Animal Tech Tools
BSP Tech Tools
.476 Animal No Go   .305 No Go Butterfly Screw   
.576 No Go bore on ventura predator motor   .375 BSP No Go for Red Restrictor Plate  
.602 Animal No Go   .425 BSP No Go for Green Restrictor Plate  
.954 Animal No Go Exhaust   .863 BSP No Go Valve Seat Exhaust  
.988 Animal No Go Intake   .898 BSP No Go Intake Seat  
2.725 Animal No Go for the bore   10" Wheel Tech tool  
Animal 605 No Go   2.6915 BSP Clone No Go for the bore  
Animal 618 No Go   5.2845 Max Push Rod Gauge  
Animal Dial Indicator Bracket   500 Purple Restictor Plate  
Gold Cup Expansion Ring Checker   550 Blue Restictor Plate  
The Big Angle   6” Body Gauge  
    .6075 Must Go for the Venturi in Carb  
    615 Carb No Go  
Go Kart
  625 BP No Go  
6' Tire Rolling Rack   751 Carb No Go  
8 Pack   810 Choke No Go  
8 Pack/Stacker Combo   .8995 No Go for the intake valve seat  
800 Tire Ring   .950 horizontal intake no go  
900 Tire Ring   .962 vertical intake no go  
Camber Gauge (level not included)   .967 horizontal exhaust no go  
Caster Gauge (level not included)   .974 vertical exhaust no go  
Clutch Rack   Alum Block for Bore  
Clutch/Hub Rack   bowl depth gauge intake and exhaust  
Drive/Hub Rack   BSP 478 Emulsion Tube Hewey No Go  
Dyno Table   BSP 488 Emulsion Tube Ruxing No Go  
Gear Guard   BSP 751 Depth Gauge  
Go Kart Needler for Tire Cutter   BSP Equalizer for the Purple and Blue Restrictor Plates  
Go Kart Tire Roller   BSP Equalizer for the Red and Green Restrictor Plates  
Grinding Disc   BSP Spring Tester 18.0 lbs  
Hand Held Needler   BSP Spring Tester Add on  
Header Bracket   BSP Stroke Checker Tech Tool  
Heat Cube   BSP Thickness Feeler Gauges .003 & .040  
J Hook   BSP Valve Seat Exhaust 862  
Large Go Kart Tire Rolling Rack   BSP Valve Seat Intake 897  
QR Motor Mount   BSP ZZ Gauge .180  
Quick Change Hub   BSP ZZ Gauge .3005  
Quick Release Hub for Tire Grinder   BSP ZZ Gauge 036  
Rolling Tire Rack   BSP ZZ Gauge 173  
Scale Table   BSP ZZ Gauge 251  
Shelf for Tire Grinder   BSP.815 Installed Height Gauge  
Skip Tooth Gear   Crank Shaft Checker  
Super True Go Kart Tire Machine   Retainer Tech Block  
Super True Tire Grinding Machine   Retainer tech tool with stand off  
Super True Tire Machine Roller stand   Spring Square Checker  
Tach Mount   Tech Tools ( 6 piece set)  
The Enforcer - tire ring LF   The Big Angle  
The Enforcer - tire ring LR   Valve Guide Length  
The Equalizer      
The Floater  
Jr. Drag Racing
The Floater w/ lights   JR Dragster Tire Roller  
The Stacker   JR Dragster Tire Grinder  
The Tire Grinder   Jr Dragster Tire Heat Cube  
The Tire Grinder with Stand      
Tire Balancer  
Late Model / Sprint
Tire Scraper   Double Tire Roller  
Trailer Go Kart Stand    Late Model Tire Roller  
Trailer motor mount (single)   Late Model Tire Roller w/ pan  
Trailer Motor Mount Stand   Late Model Tire Washer  
Ultra Clean Tire Machine   SG1 Needler 43x36x44 weighs 150lbs  
Variable Speed Tire Cutter   Small Late Model Tire Roller  
Variable Speed Tire Grinder   Small Tire Roller  for tires 28" wide or larger in roll out  
Variable Speed Double Tire Grinder   Super Huge Heat Cube  
    Super Huge Heat Cube w/ pan  
Legends / Banderlo
  Super Huge Tire Cutter  
Double Tire Roller   Super True Tire Grinding Machine  
Legends Tire Cutter   Super True Tire Grinding Machine w/ Needler attachment  
Legends Tire Washer with Lid   The Needler Attachment  
Legends Ultra Clean Tire Machine   The SG1 (Sype and Grind) Tire Chock  
Red and Blue Equalizer   Tire Buddy  
SG1 Needler 43x36x44 weighs 150lbs   Variable Speed SG1/Needler 43x36x44 weighs 150lbs  
Super Huge Heat Cube   Vertical Tire Roller  
Super Huge Heat Cube w/ pan      
Tire Grinder  
Variable Speed SG1/Needler 43x36x44 weighs 150lbs   Motor Cycle Single Tire Rack  
Variable Speed Tire Grinder      
Vertical Tire Roller  
Pro Drag Racing
    Pro Drag Tire Roller  
Quarter Midgets
  Super Huge Heat Cube  
Double Variable Speed Tire Grinder   Tire Monster Tire Machine  
Dyno Table      
Equalizer for Blue Restrictor Plates Honda Motor  
Pro Gas Class
Grinding Disc   Pro Gas Class No Go 476  
Hand Held Needler   Pro Gas Class No Go 621  
Honda Restrictor Plate   Pro Gas Restrictor Plates  
L-S Tire Ring      
QM Shock Rack  
Shop & Trailer Supplies
QM Spring Rack   Axle Rack Holder  
Quarter Midget Two Tire Heat Cube   Can Caddy 2,3 cans  
R-F Tire Ring   Can Caddy 7 cans  
Rolling Tire Rack   Clutch Rack  
R-R Tire Ring   Clutch/Hub Rack  
Scale Table   Double Two Tier Helmet Rack  
Super True Tire Grinding Machine   Drive/Hub Rack  
Tire Grinder Stand   Gear Rack  
Tire Scraper   Rolling Tire Rack  
Top Plate   Spray and Quart Can Caddy Rack  
Variable Speed Tire Cutter   Tire Rack End Plates  
Variable Speed Tire Grinder   Two Kart Rolling Rack  
    Trailer motor mount (single)  
Gift Certificates are Available   Trailer Motor Mount Stand  

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